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Start Streaming Live Content with SAM Cast-  Sound Professional- Add digital signal processing (DSP) plugins to your audio, use the advanced audio processing features in SAM Cast and make sure your station sounds great! Stream In Multiple Formats- From a single interface, you can setup SpacialNet,, aacPlusv2, MP3, mp3PRO, Ogg or Windows Media encoders! Encode in multiple formats & at multiple bitrates at the same time! Load metadata onto your streams to display song titles, artists and duration to your listeners.Increased Exposure Increase your listeners by enhancing your station’s exposure and listing your station on for free.

Stream live!Capture it on your sound card, microphone or line-in and stream it to your listeners, all in real-time. SAM Cast lets you immediately connect with your audience. Listener Statistics & Reporting. See in real-time how your audience is growing. Access data logs for performance reporting and other useful reports on your station playback history. Metadata. Load metadata onto your streams to display song titles, artists and duration to your listeners. Background music service providers have been using SAM Broadcaster Cloud to help grow their businesses. Whether you are managing a single venue or have 100+ locations, SAM Broadcaster Cloud provides you with a host of advanced features such as content automation and a simplified way to manage of your playlists, helping you manage and grow your business.

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Our #1 Live Streaming Solution.All in one solution for your live streaming need. Advanced sound processing guaranteeing great sound. Immediately connect with your audience. Free product updates for 12 months. 90% of support tickets answered in 2 hours.Terrestrial Radio- Spacial has everything professional broadcasters need to take their terrestrial operations online, from scheduling to the stream. SAM Broadcaster manages and automates all the major functions you need to run your broadcast smoothly. Educational Institutions-  Get your school on the radio! Spacial has a special offer exclusively for educational institutions who want to broadcast their radio stations online. 



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Spacial Deals • 21/05/2022
SAM Broadcaster Cloud Spacial puts at your disposal discounts, to be used for your next purchase at this online store.
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Spacial Deals • 21/05/2022 This way you can enjoy discounts or vouchers to make really interesting deals! Sometimes they have very special daily promotional codes at Spacial!
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Spacial Deals • 21/05/2022

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Spacial puts at your disposal discounts, to be used for your next purchase at this online store.
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    The Opinions of your Listeners Matters

    Gathering feedback from your audience is an often overlooked but important aspect of your radio station. The process helps you understand if you are achieving your purpose, while helping you make improvements and gauge if the station has a loyal customer base.  

    Before you begin collecting feedback from your listeners, you first need to identify what exactly you are looking to get feedback on. Identifying your desired outcomes helps you to ensure that you structure your questions appropriately and collect meaningful data. 

    We have gathered a few ways that you can get feedback from your listeners: 

    How to Get Feedback 

    They are a number of vehicles that you can use to solicit feedback from your listeners, including: 

    1. Email 
      Email is one of the more popular ways of getting feedback. Every radio station should have a designated email address where listeners can easily send feedback or complaints. It is important to ensure that this email inbox is monitored, and that inquiries are responded to where relevant. 
    1. Voting/ Polls 
      If you are interested in getting your audience’s opinions on a specific topic or to understand their favorites (i.e.program, DJ, content, etc.), then voting or polls are a clever way of going about it. The best part? They can be simple. Even emojis can be used – be it a happy face, sad face, thumbs up, thumbs down, etc. . 
    1. Surveys 
      Surveys are also an effective way of getting feedback from listeners. Survey Monkey or Google Forms are examples of survey tools that many use. These can be embedded onto your station website, or, linked to in your station communications or newsletters. 
    1. Website Form 
      Having a feedback form on your website is another popular vehicle for getting feedback. Be sure to personalize your website form to include any details you would want your customers to include in their feedback. 
    1. Social Media 
      On social media, users are typically authentic, and genuinely express themselves through comments, mentions, and hashtags which makes this a great medium to solicit feedback at scale, depending on how big your social following is (47% of customers with a product or service complaint will voice it on social media!).  
    2. Additionally, monitoring mentions of your brand across social media platforms is a great way to gain valuable feedback. Are people discussing your station and its content in a positive light? Telling you more of what they want to hear? This kind of real-time feedback is invaluable when it comes to tailoring your station and programming to the likes of your listening audience.  

    Welcoming Feedback 

    So, you know that you want to solicit feedback from your listening audience – now how do you let them know? For one, DJs should at the end of each program or in between their segments on how to contact and provide feedback to the station. Additionally, your radio station’s marketing collateral should also clearly highlight the different methods of contacting the station. This includes your station website, social media pages, emails, and newsletters, print material and more. 

    Recording the Feedback 

    Once you begin collecting this feedback, you need to ensure that it is stored in a safe, convenient place where you can access it and add to it. A shared spreadsheet, for example, is an easy place to store this information and share with other stakeholders of your station. Data that you should consider storing here include: 

    • Who provided the feedback? You can also include the sex and age.  
    • The date when the feedback was received. 
    • Feedback category (complaint, compliment, which program or segment etc.) 
    • The feedback itself 
    • A notes/follow- up section to indicate if any follow up attempts were made by the listener.  

    Now that you have collected valuable feedback from your listeners, the next step is to analyze the data. Graphs and tables are a great way of presenting the feedback in a way that will allow you to see trends, patterns and other valuable insights that can then be used to make informed decisions as to your programming, talent, and more.  

    If you have an existing radio station, we highly encourage the regular collection of feedback to continuously optimize your audience’s listening experience. If you are new to the world of radio, why not try out our 7-day SAM Broadcaster Cloud free trial today. 

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    In our section you can find two types of coupons or promotional codes in Spacial. Some have the peculiarity of containing an encrypted code, which will be essential that you use to apply the discounts. Others however do not contain any encrypted information. Below we inform you both of the characteristics and how to use each of them.

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    Acquisition procedure in Spacial through the tools in our section

    In our fantastic section of the magazine website we have the habit of advising our users to change their buying habits to switch to online commerce. We do not intend to sell you the item, but to take advantage of numerous advantages. The first of them is that you will gain much more time to use it in other things that matter to you, since it is a very agile and simple procedure and you do not have to travel anywhere, your purchases arrive at your home in the best way. Another advantage and of which we all boast that we have created this section, is that we help you save a good amount of money while you acquire those things or services that you need every day. All the Spacial spaces on the internet give you the option of taking advantage of better prices and services than if you go to the points of sale on the street they have. The reason they have this policy is that they do not have to dedicate as much effort and it means less overall financial outlay. That is why they offer you the possibility that you also take advantage of these advantages by using the promotional coupons Spacial that we provide you.

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