• For 25 years Portuguese music has echoed in the city of Porto in the "Noites Ritual Festival"

    15 Setembro 2017 />It is the oldest music festival that continues to be held year after year in Portugal. The "Noites Ritual" commemorates 25 years and invites several generations of spectators to gather in the Gardens of Cristal Palace. Porto.pt »

  • Call me at the tree and hear the sound of poetry at Porto Book Fair

    14 Setembro 2017 />This initiative "Call me at tree" is the name of an audio installation that comes as a surprise for the Fair visitors. The purpose of this ingenuity is to challenge visitors to answer the phone and hear back a poem inspired by Mother Earth, in order to bring the average citizen closer to poetry, in a light and pleasant way. Porto.pt »


    13 Setembro 2017 >/>Como sempre, preparei a roupa no dia anterior. Acordei, levantei-me para me ir vestir e estava a chover e um frio de rachar - que na verdade podia até ser um frio psicológico: olhar pela janela e ver um dia cinzento e chuvoso tem esse efeito em mim, ainda mais logo depois de acordar.O vestido de alcinhas ficou imediatamente fora de questão. Virei-me para as prendas que recebi no meu aniversário, no armário, ainda por estrear. Acreditam que recebi 4 gabardines? Mas não me importo nadinha. Chamem-me "a louca das gabardines" - adoro! :)E assim foi, pensei neste look com uma delas. Fui para o trabalho confortável, sem frio que me atingisse.Só que entretanto, a meio da manhã, o tempo mudou completamente. Nem sinal de chuva. O dia cinzento deu lugar a um rico dia de sol. E aí sim... senti-me literalmente "A louca da gabardine". Tudo a olhar para mim na rua. Mas que culpa é que eu tenho, se o raio tempo anda mais louco que eu?B.Like always, I had prepared the outfit on the day before. I woke up, got up to get dress and realized that it was raining and freezing - the cold might actually have been kind of psychological: looking at the window and seeing a grey rainy day has that effect on me, specially right after I wake up.The spaghetti strap dress was obviously not an option anymore. So I turned to the gifts I received on my birthday, which were still inside my closet waiting to be worn for the first time. Can you believe that I got 4 trench coats for my birthday? Not that I mind. I don't, at all. I love trench coats. I'm crazy about them.I thought about an outfit with this one and headed to work, sheltered from the cold.The thing is, suddenly, the weather completely changed. No sign of rain and the gray day was now a beautiful sunny day. And that's when I really started feeling crazy. Everyone staring at me on the street. But is it my fault that the weather is even crazier than I am?B.>/>>/>>/>>/>>/>>/>>/>>/>>/>Gabardine/Trench coat: H&MCamisa/Shirt: PrimarkJeans: BershkaSapatilhas/Sneakers: c/o LacosteCarteira/Bag: UterqueBrincos/Earrings: c/o >Dresslily?(>aqui/here)Óculos de sol/sunglasses: Fendi on >Ergovisão (25% de desconto em qualquer Ergovisão com o código "My kind of joy")/> My kind of Joy »